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epson 1280 everything is red....
Erin McCracken, Photographer
Longmont | CO | USA | Posted: 1:14 AM on 09.23.05
->> I am having trouble with my epson 1280 printer. Everything I print is coming out red and I can't seem to make adjustments to make it print colors anywhere close to what they should look like. I am not sure whether it is a calibration problem or a setting change I need to make but I am trying to print and am getting very frustrated. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks so much.
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Greg Ferguson, Photographer
Scottsdale | Az | USA | Posted: 1:37 AM on 09.23.05
->> Could a head be plugged up?

What is the result of running the printer test in the utility?

Is this in every program when printing or only in one?

And, Windows, Mac, Linux?

If Mac, what driver are you using?
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Erin McCracken, Photographer
Longmont | CO | USA | Posted: 9:09 AM on 09.23.05
->> It's a mac and I have tried cleaning the print heads numerous times but it still come out red.
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Jean Finley, Photographer
Iowa City | IA | USA | Posted: 9:36 AM on 09.23.05
->> Try a new cartridge?
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John Riddell, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 1:07 PM on 09.23.05
->> Same thing happened with my 1280 Erin and I was forced to change the colour cartridge and everything was fine after that.

Do you keep printer power on when not in use? The heads can clog easily becuase they're constantly charged while the power is on. This was recommended by Epson to keep the power off when not in use and I haven't had a problem since.

Hope that helps.

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Tim Gasperak, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 1:47 PM on 09.23.05
->> Erin, have you printed successfully from your Mac to the 1280 before? And was the color acceptable to you? When you say everything is red, is it *really* red, or is it that the prints are coming out with a primarily red/magenta cast? Are you implementing any sort of color mangement/workflow? From what version of Mac OS are you printing? Are you printing from Photoshop? What version?

If you can answer these questions first, I think I might be able to help you out - I've spent a lot of time on a Mac with the 1280.
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Greg Ferguson, Photographer
Scottsdale | Az | USA | Posted: 2:53 PM on 09.23.05
->> The 1280 has pigmented ink which means there are LEEEEETLE tiny chunks of color in suspension. Occasionally they'll clog a head. Usually you can force them to clear by running a cleaning cycle. Occasionally that won't work, and you'll have to do several cycles.

Supposedly, the printer will do more rigorous cleaning cycles the more times you do them without printing, so several in a row are supposed to be more thorough.

My 1280 has clogged severely enough several times that I had to take it in to let the repair shop soak the head in solvent. That fixed the problem was was about $100 each time. After two trips in to the shop last summer I decided if it did it once more it was time to replace the printer with a different brand. I guess the threat worked because it's been pretty well behaved since then.

So, if major cleaning cycles haven't cleared the blockage, then odds are good that switching out the cartridge won't help since the head is separate from the cartridge. But, a cartridge costs less than a repair bill so try switching out to a new cartridge and see what happens.

The techs at the repair shop told me something interesting. The printer is smart enough to know what sort of cleaning cycle it needs when it's powered-up. They also said the heads do not cap themselves when the printer is sitting idle and powered on, so to help avoid clogging it needs to be powered off **USING THE BUTTON ON THE FRONT OF THE PRINTER**. The front button allows it time to run a quick cleaning before capping if needed. Just powering it off on a power-switch or hitting a wall switch is a recipe for clogging.

The techs also said that if it isn't used in several days then turn it on, let it do its start-up cleaning cycle and park the head. Once its finished, then you can power it off again using the front switch.

That'll keep the ink from having a chance to dry in the head and clogging up the nozzles.

Once I started doing those things the clogging I was encountering cleared up a lot. It's happened, but a quick print test, then a cleaning cycle and another test showed it to be working.

I use the 1280 with several Macs and the colors are pretty good - though the settings I use are totally different from what all the experts say - their settings never worked for me.

I also use two of Canon's printers and haven't had nearly the trouble with them, but that'd be a digressing discussion .
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Michael Schwarz, Photographer
Decatur | GA | USA | Posted: 8:11 PM on 09.23.05
->> Most likely Photoshop and the Epson Printer driver are having a color management battle. Turn the color management in Photoshop on by selecting the proper printer/paper profile in the print with preview dialog box at the print space toggle and turn the color management off in the Epson driver by selecting no color adjustment in the color management toggle of the Epson software.
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Mark Loundy, Photo Editor
San Jose | CA | USA | Posted: 2:10 PM on 09.25.05
->> Ditto the advice to turn the power off using the printer's pwoer button. I was turning mine off via a power strip and having serious clogging problems. When I started using the power button the clogging was significantly reduced.

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Thread Title: epson 1280 everything is red....
Thread Started By: Erin McCracken
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