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Lens locking pin stuck on the Mark II
Robert Meyer, Student/Intern, Photographer
Lincoln | NE | United States | Posted: 2:56 AM on 06.24.05
->> Ok, so I have a Mark II with a problem. The pin that locks the lens in place is stuck. It happens spuratically but it is a safety issue for the lens and body and makes shooting impossible. This is also happening with my buddies camera. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? If so, what do I do? Any suggestions would help. Thanks!
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Nick Doan, Photographer
Scottsdale | AZ | USA | Posted: 1:30 PM on 06.24.05
->> It happened to mine after my camera (with 400 and monopod attached) was tackled by two football players. Nobody wanted to mess with it, so I sent it to Canon Professional Services. I got it back in about a week.

That's is probably your best option. Even the Canon Authorized Repair Center in town doesn't want to mess with any Canon product still under warranty.
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Paul Montague, Photographer
Swisher | IA | USA | Posted: 1:31 PM on 06.24.05
->> In the middle of the Capital One Bowl I had that pin stick in the "out" position on a MKII, locking the 1.4x on the body. It clicked in place and I couldn't get it off. Sent the thing into CPS & they replaced both mounts (on the body and the converter).

Two months later, in the middle of a baseball game, it stuck again, this time on the 400 f2.8. After a bunch of gentle "wiggling around" it came off. I sent the body back to CPS. They seem to have fixed it this time.

A couple of years ago the pin on one of my 1D's kept sticking "in" so the lens wouldn't lock. Sent that off to CPS as well & they fixed it. The problem never recurred.
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Zack Podell, Photographer, Assistant
Marina Del Rey | CA | USA | Posted: 2:51 PM on 06.24.05
->> Happened to me after I was mauled by a pit bull last summer, (that was just the beginning of the damage, but that's a whole other story). CPS saved my Arse, and I thank them for it every chance I get. Sending in to CPS is probably your best, most economical, and possibly your only bet. You can't go wrong with them, but you will need to be without it for a few days.
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Robert Meyer, Student/Intern, Photographer
Lincoln | NE | United States | Posted: 2:36 PM on 06.25.05
->> Thanks guys! I just talked to my CPS rep and I'm sending it out Monday. He said this happens often with the Mark II and 400 2.8. He said to prevent it in the future, don't put the lens on/off so fast.

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Francis Specker, Photographer
Riverside | CA | USA | Posted: 11:22 PM on 06.26.05
->> The locking pin has been a problem in Canon cameras since the original Canon EOS-1, from over 15 years ago. If that pin is even a little bent, it will stick and won't travel to lock and unlock the lens. Its basically a minor problem that can be avoided by a little more attention when mounting the lens and removing the lens. If you have one camera and have to change lenses a lot, it will have happen more often. It was big problem back in the day when digital cameras cost 15-25 thousand dollars and you had to use one body and change lenses frequently.
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer, Assistant
Round Rock (Austin) | TX | US | Posted: 12:38 AM on 06.08.06
->> The Equipment Q&A feature just saved the day for me on this same issue. For the purpose of helping others in the future who might be in a similar situation:

"Hey guys,
The lens locking pin on my Mark II is stuck in the "in" position. It has been a little sticky the past few weeks but usually pressing the release button rapidly will pop it out. Obviously not this time.
I've read the threads on the message board and will be sending it in to Canon next week while I'm on vacation, but I've got four baseball games to shoot at the high school state tournament in the next two days and doing it on a single body won't be fun.
Any last ditch ideas to get this locking pin to pop back out?"

Both Justin Deely and Caryn Levy replied with almost exactly the same advice.

"Here's how to get the stuck pin out:
Take a coin, hold it between your thumb & index finger.
Tap it a few times against the camera mount near where the pin is.
It should pop out after a couple of taps.
It won't fix it permanently, but it works great in a pinch. Just be careful the next time you change lenses to check that the pin is still out."

On the fourth tap with a quarter the pin popped back out and my Mark II is now successfully mounted back on my long glass where it will stay until I send it off to CPS next week.

Thanks again to both Justin and Caryn, hopefully your advice will be able to help others out in the future as well.
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Thread Title: Lens locking pin stuck on the Mark II
Thread Started By: Robert Meyer
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