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media parking in nyc ?
john taggart, Photographer
Philadelphia | PA | USA | Posted: 5:59 PM on 05.08.05
->> im not talking about any specific sport arena, just the city in general.. see from time to time have assignments up in nyc, i work for a paper in philly, so i usually take the train up, 25min ride at the most.. in philly we have selected media parking spots all over the city, just figured if it was anything similar.

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Chris Preovolos, Photographer
Stamford | CT | United States | Posted: 6:26 PM on 05.08.05
->> Here is some info, but I don't think you will be able to get it if you aren't working in NYC full time. Besides you probably need NY state reg for your vehicle.
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer, Photo Editor
New England | | USA | Posted: 10:05 PM on 05.08.05
->> John

In NY there are NYP Plates which allow you to park in designated NYP zones. NYP Plates are issued by NY, NJ and CT (I actually had the only NYP issued in VT when I lived there). NYP zones are not good for PA's PP plates, MA's News Photog plates or CT's CNP plates. I have NYP plates now from CT, and still have had some problems because some parking (traffic) enforcement officers do not know other states issue the NYP Plates

You can also get an NYPD Working Press Vehicle placard, but I don't believe they will issue them on a temp basis. You need a permenant Working Press ID issued by the NYPD.

NYC Parking will tow you if you try an NYP zone with a Non-NYP plate or NYPD Press Vehicle placard. Pating for parking is the best route.
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Chet Gordon, Photographer, Photo Editor
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 11:19 PM on 05.08.05
->> If you drive into NYC with out of state plates, and get ticketed in a "No Standing" or "Truck Loading Zone" (where NYP working press vehicles can actually park for a reasonable amount of time, besides the NYP zones, you'll surely be towed.) The "Brownies" known as NYC parking Violations Bureau officers will actually call a tow truck on their radios and you're toast. I've actually still gotten ticketed and I HAVE NYP plates! My advice, expense it and put it in a lot.

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Chris Preovolos, Photographer
Stamford | CT | United States | Posted: 8:20 AM on 05.09.05
->> Steven,

How do you get NYP plates from CT??

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Thread Title: media parking in nyc ?
Thread Started By: john taggart
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