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|| Member Message Board

Lost DVD!
William J. Crane, Photographer
Philadelphia | PA | United States | Posted: 9:12 PM on 03.06.05
->> I want to ask for some comments about a very recent event which leaves me in the uncomfortable position of self doubt. In the fall of 2004 I was asked by a client to do extensive photographing of the Philadelphia Zoo and the animals held within.

The total number of images surpasses the 850 mark. The majority of images were digital. After screening the images the client received 172 slides and 366 images (on a DVD) which were sent via FedEx. In an email dated 3/4/2005 I was advised they want to use a large number (“Large” is the comment of the Photo Editor) of those digital submissions.

The images were large jpeg files at 300 DPI setting. In other words, they were capable of decent print size. The problem is simply this; the photo editor tells me they are unable to locate the DVD and can I send them another one?

This is a client which is just now converting over to Digital. In the past they only wanted to see slide submissions. It may be nothing more than sloppy handling by an otherwise trustworthy client who has yet to get a Digital system worked out for all their employees handling CD/DVD’s.

My concern lies in the size of the DVD (366 images) and covering my backside just in case there is more to this then a simple lost DVD! Would you please put on your thinking cap and take a moment to email me a suggestion or two!

Thank you, for the time and attention.
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Mike Isler, Photographer
Santa Barbara | CA | US | Posted: 9:21 PM on 03.06.05
->> William,

Did you submit a delivery memo with the original FedEx? That delivery memo should detail exactly what they received, what their rights are with that material, and what damages they are liable for if they lose your material.

I do have a significant fee on my delivery memo for any lost material, including CDs / DVDs. I also reserve the right to request the return of all digital materials.

I would be VERY clear with them concerning what their usage rights with your images are. Although it is likely they simply misplaced or lost your disc, it is possible that they passed the disc on to someone else, and you may have your copyright violated. Stay on top of it.


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Nic Hume, Photographer, Student/Intern
Victoria | BC | Canada | Posted: 9:21 PM on 03.06.05
->> William,

I'm a bit confused as to what you're concerned about. Digital images can be copied and distributed from one DVD, or two, or three, or four, or ... If the client isn't trustworthy, then you have a problem. If someone wants to steal your images, all they'll need to do is have that DVD in their hands for about 10 minutes (long enough to copy the files to their hard-drive) and you'll be SOL anyway...

I can't really think of any potential harm that could possibly come from sending them the images again.

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Scott Bush, Photographer
Clifton | NJ | USA | Posted: 9:57 PM on 03.06.05
->> Call them up and tell them you will charge XXX to unarchive the images and create a new DVD.
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William J. Crane, Photographer
Philadelphia | PA | United States | Posted: 6:16 PM on 03.07.05
->> Scott, I like your answer a lot!! We used a delivery memo. How best to respond is exemplified in the response's submitted by all three of you.

We want to keep the business and yet have a win-win situation come out of this! I will make a point of letting you know what transpires. It will be resolved shortly.

Thank You for your input!!
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Thread Title: Lost DVD!
Thread Started By: William J. Crane
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