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Realworld experience with an Epson P2000?
Harrison Shull, Photographer
Asheville | NC | USA | Posted: 8:55 AM on 12.15.04
->> Does anybody out there have any hands-on experience with the recently released Epson P2000 image storage device? I have been doing a bunch of web research and have come across a few discrepancies regarding its compatibility with particular DSLR's (namely the 1Ds) and the limit on the file size (some reports have it at 8MP max). I was hoping that some SS members had already gotten a P2000 and could share their insights after running it through its paces.

Here is the Epson webpage for the P2000:

Here is a review at Luminous Landscape:

Another review at dpreview:

Thanks - Harrison Shull
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Michael Clark, Photographer
Santa Fe | NM | USA | Posted: 11:26 AM on 12.15.04
->> Harrison-

Hello. I don't have any hands on experience with the P2000, but after reading the Luminous review last week I think that there would be no problem downloading any size images to the P2000. It did mention that older Canon RAW files were not supported so that if you shoot RAW on the 1Ds you may not be able to view the files on the P2000. But if you are shooting RAW + JPEG then you can view the JPEG's. The 1Ds Mark II is supported and that is 16 MP so it can definitely handle the 1Ds file size.

I don't own one of these but I have been looking at this one and it seems the best of the lot. I have played with the Flash Trax and it works just fine, but the screen is pathetic. The P2000 looks far superior.

Cheers - Michael
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Juerg Schreiter, Photographer
Fort Lauderdale | FL | USA | Posted: 3:27 PM on 12.16.04
->> What would concern me, is the Battery life. 3hours doesn't seem that much if you are on an assignment. Is it 3 hours just being turned on or 3 hours constantly downloading?
I used to have a flash trax which I thought was pretty good except the battery life, so I sold it again.
The flash trax even used the battery when it was turned off, will the ebson do the same thing? So far I haven't found a better solution than owning enough CF cards or bringing the laptop. :)
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Nick Doan, Photographer, Assistant
Scottsdale | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:24 PM on 12.16.04
->> 3 hours is about as much battery life as my laptop gets. And, I have no problem dowloading cards to that on a full day of shooting. I'd imagine that if the P2000 actually works at USB2.0 speeds that it would actually be usable in a lot of cases.

It would have saved me from having to delete images in camera when a 4 hour shoot turned into an 8 hour shoot, and I filled 14.5 GB worth of CF cards. (No, I didn't bring my laptop. It was only supposed to last 4 hours! Yes, I've learned my lesson now.)
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Harrison Shull, Photographer
Asheville | NC | USA | Posted: 10:00 AM on 12.17.04
->> The folks at Epson got back to me with a repsonse to my direct inquiry on the P2000. I thought I'd paste their response here so that others searching the threads later on for info could dig up the info. The short of it is that the P2000 will download and store files from any camera system at any size. The catch is that you simply cannot review the stored images on the P2000's LCD screen if they come from an unsupported RAW format (like my 1Ds) or if the file size exceeds 8.9MB. This is a somewhat shortsighted feature IMHO to an otherwise very attractive device for in-the-field storage. When you compare the per-MB cost of image storage and then add in the abililty to look at images and sort out those for deletion on a large and quality screen (or TV with patch cords), the P2000 could be a winner. As is though, I will await an upgrade that will make the P2000 fully functional with today's high-MB DSLRs.

Cheers - Harrison Shull

Thank you for contacting the Epson Connection.

Here is all the current information, at the present the 1Ds's raw files are not known to display on the P-2000, but can be stored as can other photo files:

Supported File Formats

The P-2000 supports non-progressive JPEG files, and
RAW files from the following digital SLR cameras:
Epson R-D1; Nikon® D100, D1H, D2H, and D70;
Canon® EOS-D30, EOS-D60, EOS-D10D, Kiss
Digital, and EOS-1D Mark II.

Image files Extension Details
JPEG .jpg
Minimum size: 160 × 120 pixels
Maximum size: 8.9 megapixels
Maximum image aspect ratio: 8:1
RAW .nef
JPEG data stored in the header of
RAW files is displayed.
RAW files do not support direct printing, rotation, zooming,
or slide shows.

Any file can be saved, however if a RAW file it may not be displayed on the P-2000 if not one of the above, as well files over 8.9 Megabytes will not be displayed but can also be stored.

It is possible that a future update may allow functionality of this camera with RAW, however until we have no way of knowing, if and when something is released it will be posted on our web site.
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Michael Clark, Photographer
Santa Fe | NM | USA | Posted: 12:10 PM on 12.17.04
->> Harrison-

Just shoot RAW + JPEG and you could look at the JPEG's on the P2000. After all it is just a storage device and it is a lot lighter than a laptop. And I am sure it is way better than the FlashTrax.
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Richard Orr, Photographer
Longmeadow | MA | USA | Posted: 2:46 PM on 03.20.05
->> Has anyone gotten any real world expereince with this thing in the past couple of months? Curious minds want to know.
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Ed Woo, Photographer
Long Beach | CA | USA | Posted: 5:03 PM on 03.20.05
->> I got one in February to off load the 1 gig CF cards of the USA Sevens rugby games that I was shooting over the weekend (9-10 hour day). The 1D RAW file cannot be viewed but that's not a problem since I shoot RAW + small jpeg.

I turned on the unit only when I was off loading the CF card so I did not encounter any problems with the battery running dry. I off loaded between 12-14 times each day during that weekend. The little dinky battery costs around $60.

From what I read on another forum. There is a firmware update on the Epson Japan site that includes the viewing of large jpeg files & adds a histogram. I'll wait for the USA firmware release before doing the upgrade.

The Epson P2000 is a nice unit with a large screen. The only problem that I encountered was that some of the Sundays games were copied under the Saturday folder. Have not tried to figure out why it did it.
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Ian Halperin, Photographer
Plano(Dallas) | TX | USA | Posted: 4:06 PM on 06.07.05
->> Anybody else added the P-2000 to their collection? It sure looks like it would be useful.
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Brad Mangin, Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA | Posted: 4:16 PM on 06.07.05
->> I got one of these a month ago and am really enjoying it so far. All I use it for is very basic stuff, like dumping cards before I ship them off after a ballgame. So far so good. And the screen is real pretty too!
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John Kavouris, Photographer
Bartlett | IL | US | Posted: 4:23 PM on 06.07.05
->> How about the JOBO Giga Vu Pro:

Very similar to the P2000 but already has a histogram function. Looks like the resolution isn't as good as the Epson.

What I would want is to scroll through a card at high speed and be able to immediately delete or crop an image. DOn't think you can do that with either one of these.
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Derrick Dodson, Photographer
Georgetown (sacramento) | CA | United States | Posted: 3:03 PM on 06.09.05
->> Jobo- I have been using one of these units for the last 2 months and have had no issues with it - the Epson has a better screen/resolution.

The battery life is pretty good - have been ale to dump around 8-10gig on a charge. The transfer speed is pretty good thru the UBS 2 port -

I keep it in one of my cargo pockets and dump cards during my shoot -
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Thread Title: Realworld experience with an Epson P2000?
Thread Started By: Harrison Shull
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