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Canon 10D - Error 99
Steve Hall, Photographer
Renton | WA | USA | Posted: 6:00 PM on 12.05.04
->> Hope you can help me with this problem I have been having with my Canon 10D. While out shooting, I occasionally get an "Error 99" with my 10D which makes the camera become inoperative. I clear the error by shutting off the camera, taking off the lens and then remounting the lens. It happens with both my 100-400 zoom lens and my 80-200 f2.8 lens which I sometimes use with a 1.4x converter. All equipment is Canon. Any thoughts out there why I get this "Error 99" and what can I do to eliminate/minimize it? Of course, it happens when I'm shooting the best bull ride of the rodeo...
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Pablo Galvez, Photographer
Calgary | AB | CANADA | Posted: 6:34 PM on 12.05.04
->> Steve,

This use to happen all the time on my 10D. It was very frustrating to say the least. I took it into Canon and they "fiddled" with it for a day and gave it back. I honestly can't remember exactly what they did to it, but it only does that once very 1000 photos now (instead of 1/10).

Phone the Canon reps as they are familiar with the issue and may have a good solution (other than sending it in).

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Michael Ciu, Photographer, Student/Intern
Lorain | OH | USA | Posted: 6:38 PM on 12.05.04
->> Try these...
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Scott Foley, Photographer
Hanscom | MA | USA | Posted: 9:16 PM on 12.05.04
->> Steve
Before I sold my 10D, I was having the same problem. It started out just happening once in awhile until eventually, I could not get the camera working again. It was always the Error 99 message. Before I sold it for the 20D, it was still under warranty, so I sent it into CPS for service...they replaced the shutter assembly. When I received it back from CPS, the shutter felt like it was brand new (as it should). My friend who bought my 10D has not had any problems. My suggestion, if it continues, send it in for service.
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Julian Jenkins, Photographer
Canyon Country | CA | USA | Posted: 10:41 PM on 12.05.04
->> Michael is right on. Check the message board first, there are many threads talking about this very issue.

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Wesley R. Bush, Photographer
Nashville | TN | U.S. | Posted: 11:24 PM on 12.05.04
->> I only get it when using a Sigma lens at anything smaller than the widest aperture. I can get a chip upgrade for about $40 (free if I had the sales receipt from years ago) but it's not on the top of my list right now. Have you narrowed down things that you could be doing each time you get the error or is it completely random?
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Richard Ruef, Photographer
Lincoln | CA | USA | Posted: 11:52 PM on 12.05.04
->> Steve, I shoot a Nikon D1X using an 80-200mm f2.8.

I have a similar sounding condition regarding auto focus and camera going dead.

On my Nikon it is caused by a bad connection through the electrical connections on the F mount. The mount I think is worn to the extent that the lens moves a bit and breaks some connections.

I cure it by applying pressure in the "tightening" direction, twisting till the problems goes away.

Removing the lens on yours may be curing it the same way if that's the same problem mine has. Just a thought. I have learned to live with it now that I can correct it fairly fast.

PS: I too shot rodeo !!! PRCA and some PBR plus CHSRA rodeos.
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Brian Phillips, Photographer
Newton (Boston) | MA | USA | Posted: 5:59 PM on 12.06.04
->> I just got this error message on my new 20D Friday.
I took out the battery, and popped it back in to make
the problem go away. I also had it happen frequently
on my 10D's, but not in a while.

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Will Powers, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:17 PM on 12.06.04
->> It sounds to me that when you shut the camera off, remove a battery, exchange the batteries, what you you have done is rebooted the computer. Here is a link to Canon's error codes
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Joe Nicola, Photographer
Fort Worth | TX | USA | Posted: 6:36 PM on 12.06.04
->> Steve,

Like others, I had the same problem when my camera was only about 6 months old. I took it back to where I bought it and they sent it to CPS. CPS loaded the newest version of the firmware and cleaned it and after that I never had it happen again.

I was seriously doubting my switch to digital at the point of constant Error99 messages. My A2e never gave me a bit of trouble (well, except when the program dial went Tango Uniform. That required a $125 fix, but it works great now!)

Now, everything is groovy since I'm using the 20D.
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Brian Jorg, Photographer
Cincinnati | OH | USA | Posted: 8:37 PM on 12.06.04
->> My 10D is currently in the shop for the dreaded err99 message also. Besides periodically not recognizing the lenz attached, all Canon L series, the exposure compensation would jump up 1 stop between shots.It also shot the image a full stop darker than the settings indicated, as well as the auto focus not working.Numerous other problems showed up at the same time as well.Hopefully this will be corrected with a single trip to CPS.
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Josh Barron, Photographer
Bryant | AR | USA | Posted: 12:00 AM on 12.07.04
->> I used to get that error message before I downloaded and installed the upgraded firmware earlier this year, haven't since. Keep in mind the 10D isn't my primary body, but it does see quite a bit of use. Not saying this will fix your problem, but it'd be worth a try.

Check your firmware and see what version you're on - the firmware that cured my problem is 2.0.1

If you're not on that version, get it here:

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David Minton, Student/Intern
Humble | TX | USA | Posted: 2:42 AM on 12.07.04
->> I've gotten the dreaded number of the beast, "Error 99" at least a dozen times since the 10D I use arrived at my paper in August. It did it the second week I had it, after only 200 shots. I keep on getting it with a ceartin combination: 10D, 17-35 2.8L, and 550EX, and always after shooting a burst. It will shoot 3 frames and then crash. Other times, I can use up the entire buffer with no problem (except having to wait up to a minute for it to write). I have never had to remove the battery however. Simply turning the power off and then back on does the job for me. I took it to the CPS guys when I was at the NPPA Flying Short Course in Oklahoma City and asked them to check it out, I was told there was nothing wrong,and that I latest Firmware version. (When I asked if there were any ideas as to why it can't focus correctly, I was told "Don't use it for sports.")
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Thread Title: Canon 10D - Error 99
Thread Started By: Steve Hall
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