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Mac OSX FTP Question
Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 8:13 AM on 11.04.04
->> Does anyone know of a Mac OSX ftp program that employs a "Watch Folder" - as in you can set up the program to monitor a folder and it will send whatever files are placed into that folder. I have checked Transmit - OsXigen and Fetch and couldn't find this feature in any of these - but maybe I overlooked it?

Thanks in advance for any advice/info either on accessing the feature in one of the above mentioned programs or finding a program that has this feature.
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Michael Hickey, Photographer
Kokomo | IN | USA | Posted: 9:26 AM on 11.04.04
->> Not heard of any with a "hot" folder, but I personally love PhotoMechanic, as soon as I get done captioning, I just hit command-U and the file goes, without having to move any files to different folders at all. This way I can keep everything in the original folder.
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M. David Leeds, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 9:57 AM on 11.04.04
->> Jock-
I just switched to OSX and at the suggestion of a friend of mine , I downloaded "Transmit" - I haven't gotten into it fully, but it seems pretty simple - you can definitely drag a folder into it and it will send the contents of the folder although I must acknowledge that I'm not sure if it'lll run a folder the way ftupperware would have..

good luck, please let us know what you find out - I'll update you on this once I have more time to explore it - hopefully this evening.

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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer, Assistant
Round Rock (Austin) | TX | US | Posted: 10:34 AM on 11.04.04
->> From the archives:
(A little more then halfway down the page.)
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Matt Miller, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 11:30 AM on 11.04.04
->> i use ftpclient by vicomsoft. i believe it does have a hot folder, although i do not use it.

good luck,
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Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 7:07 PM on 11.04.04
->> Kevin:

Thanks - I was pretty sure that I had read somewhere (and actually thought it was on a different website) that osXigen had this capability - but after messing with it for a few minutes I didn't find the hot folder feature in the obvious places such as in the preferences menu - and as it turns out - the feature isn't in an obvious place - but I knew that I would find the answer here - thanks again!!!
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Ryan Van Scotter, Photographer
Laguna Beach | CA | United States | Posted: 10:13 PM on 11.04.04
->> I use FTPeel for OS X, but I don't know what a watch folder is but I use it all the time... Works well to good but not perfect...
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Derrick Dodson, Photographer
Georgetown | CA | United States | Posted: 10:51 PM on 11.04.04
->> Captain FTP - GREAT APP -been using it for around year and a half getting better all the time.
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scott thornton, Student/Intern
towson | md | usa | Posted: 10:56 PM on 11.04.04
->> try rbrowser lite.. been using it for 2 years and never a problem...go to and look for ftp apps...most are free and work very well
good luck
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Greg Ferguson, Photographer
Scottsdale | Az | USA | Posted: 12:36 AM on 11.05.04
->> On the Mac, Interarchy offers automatic uploads (mirroring upload) for their FTP disks which act just like a local drive on the desktop. You can access it the same way that you'd do a hard drive or folder. Any file written to that folder will get written to the remote host.

I've known the author of the program since before it was a program, and use it for my heavy duty hauling of data. It's fast and very robust. Often I'll have three or four sessions moving files at once. Yeah, it's a bit more, but it's real nice.

Most of the Mac FTP packages are scriptable, so it wouldn't be hard to write a script to look at a folder periodically, and mirror it to a remote folder. There are probably existing scripts to do that with Fetch, since it's been around as long as Interarchy.
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Thread Title: Mac OSX FTP Question
Thread Started By: Jock Fistick
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