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before i send it in... Nikon AF question
Sean Meyers, Photographer
Salisbury | NC | USA | Posted: 8:53 PM on 09.26.04
->> Hello. My 400 2.8 AFS Nikon seems to be having AF issues and I would like to know if the AF operation comes from the lens or the camera body? It had major issues focusing and staying focused and the images looked in focus, but not sharp(if that makes sense), over the weekend. Ive had the lens for about five years and have kept it in pretty good shape considering the use. Do I need to send in the D1x as well or is it only a lens issue. I've had an X in for backfocus issues, but not the one I used on the 400. Anyone had these symptoms?

Trying to stay up with the Jones'.


- Sean Meyers
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Kristian Dowling, Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | Australia | Posted: 9:10 PM on 09.26.04
->> More info AF modes, shooting modes...Continuous or single- I've done this before on single and focus tracking dosn't work- obviously. Just took me 15 minutes to work out. At first I was thinking the AF just wasn't working properley.

What sport aren you shooting? What direction are the subjects moving?

More info please...
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Matt Strasen, Photographer
Stillwater | OK | USA | Posted: 11:22 PM on 09.26.04
->> Sean,
I have had the same issues since I got my D2H back last week. Everything looks 'sharp' on the LCD, and on first glance in PS they look 'sharp'...but alas, when I open them up in PS, they aren't sharp. Very frustrating indeed. I have played with both C and S, and used every pattern, etc. in the AF menu. I am thinking that they are not lens issues, since the same problems have occured with both my 300 2.8 AF-I and a 300 2.8 AF-S, version I...and it happened in both soccer and football, on two different weekends. I didn't have the problem with either lens working with NPS' D1H, so I don't know what to think either.
In summary, I would vote for the camera, since that is the same thing I am having problems with.
I commiserate.
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Greg Ferguson, Photographer
Scottsdale | Az | USA | Posted: 1:00 AM on 09.27.04
->> My D1X and 80-200 f2.8 AFS periodically have issues focusing. I finally took the combo to our local Nikon repair shop, and they had them overnight.

The next day when I picked them up they said the contacts were dirty and that they'd cleaned them. They said to use an abrasive pencil eraser.

So, periodically I use a very mildly abrasive eraser and gently wipe the contact area, then wipe off the contacts with a microfiber cloth or piece of lens cleaning cloth. Just watch out for the little rubbings - you don't want them getting into the sensor cavity or sticking to the contact where they'll break the electrical connection.

Some people use a contact cleaning pen available from electronic stores, or Radio Shack, but I stuck with what the repair shop recommended.
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 2:17 AM on 09.27.04
->> I'm real interested in what you come up with. I've got a D2h which I just don't think is producing images as sharp as I'd expect. There's a discussion item here about it, if anyone wants to check it out.

My camera is off at Nikon right now. I know it's got some focus issues (which I'm hoping they'll fix) but I no longer know what to expect from the camera. Well, I may not come up with images as "good" as those posted by some of the experts here, but I durn well should be able to create images as sharp as them, if I do my part right.

I did some testing with the camera on a firm support, aimed at a "landscape". With Nikon's 18-70 lens from the D70, my camera focused at somewhere between 9 feet and infinity at the 18mm setting, and as I zoomed in a little, it got closer and closer to infinity, eventually seeming to work right.

I was starting to feel quite frustrated about all this - while I was able to create 24" x 36" prints that looked razor sharp from my Olympus e-10, also 4 megapixels, and while my friend's D100 seemed to produce images even sharper than what I used to do with the Olympus, my D2h just doesn't seem to do it.... which bothers me even more so because I see that others have produced wonderful images from their D2h cameras.

I spent a lot of time on this page, trying to decide what was possible:

Knowing what I "should" be able to do really bugs me when I can't do it, even with the camera on a rock steady support and perfect exposure.... From these test images, I know I "should" be able to get an equally sharp image, if I do my part right. Right?????
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Thread Title: before i send it in... Nikon AF question
Thread Started By: Sean Meyers
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