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Jack Kurtz   [save as a favorite?]
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Image © 2016 Jack Kurtz || A fisherman carries a fish trap near Khon Pa Soi Waterfalls, on the east side of Don Khon.
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Jack Kurtz: Photographer
Address: Bangkok, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Phone: +66-08-8017-7172 (Thailand)
602-633-5215 (US for Voice Mail and Messages only)
Jack Kurtz's Message: Fishermen have constructed an elaborate system of rope bridges over the waterfalls near Don Khone (also spelled Khon). They use the bridges to get to the fish traps they set in the Mekong River.

Fishermen in the area are contending with lower yields and smaller fish, threatening their way of life. The Mekong River is one of the most biodiverse and productive rivers on Earth. It is a global hotspot for freshwater fishes: over 1,000 species have been recorded there, second only to the Amazon.

The Mekong River is the most productive inland fishery in the world. The total harvest of fish from the Mekong is approximately 2.5 million metric tons per year.

Populations of large fish have shrunk and fishermen are bringing in smaller and smaller fish. Fishermen blame the rampant construction of dams up and down the river, while governments, who are building the dams, counter that over fishing is killing the Mekong.

This may be the last year the fishermen of Don Khone use their traps. The Lao government has ordered the fishermen to stop using their iconic fish traps. The traps are only used during the dry season, the traps are submerged when the river crests, usually in September or October. If the government goes through with its threat to shut down the fishing industry, the traps will be abandoned or dismantled when the river crests.
Last Update: 123 days ago
Member Since: 2.26.2005 (Senior Member)

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The images below are from the portfolio of Jack Kurtz. They are presented here for your viewing pleasure. These images may not be used elsewhere and are protected by copyright. To see these images, click on the icon and you will see a much larger image.
1 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman carries a fish trap near Khon Pa Soi Waterfalls, on the east side of Don Khon.
2 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman sits on the shore close to fish traps in Khon Pa Soi Waterfalls, on the east side of Don...
3 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman walks across a bamboo bridge in the waterfalls.
4 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman jumps into the river to walk to shore rather than use the narrow, and slippery, bridge. ...
5 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A day's catch in small vinyl bag.
6 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman sits in front of his home and repairs his nets.
7 "Fishing on Don Khone"
Fishermen carry their catch to shore.
8 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman puts his nets out in the Mekong River near the fish traps.
9 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A family of fishmongers picks up the fish they bought from fishermen. They will sell the fish on the...
10 "Fishing on Don Khone"
A fisherman uses a zipline type bridge to get across the river. Fishermen grab hold of the line, ste...

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