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Nikon - D2H Pro Digital SLR
Quick Overview |
4.1 Effective Megapixel CCD -- Nikon original JFET imaging sensor LBCAST for high-resolution images (2,464 x 1,632 pixels).

Catch it All with Continuous Shooting Mode -- Shoot up to 8 frames per second for up to 40 consecutive JPEG or 25 RAW (NEF) full-resolution (2,464 x 1,632 pixels) images.

Smart Sensors & Perfect Lighting with New Auto White Balance -- Three separate sensors, incident, reflected and real-time off imaging, monitor and adjust Auto White Balance for more accurate readings, especially in difficult lighting conditions

See the Action & Keep it in Focus -- With the Multi-CAM 2000 AF Sensor Module, 11 sensors (nine are cross-type sensors) effectively cover the majority of the image area and ensure quick response and razor-sharp focus

Add Intelligent Illumination with the new i-TTL Speedlight System -- Nikon's new Speedlight SB-800 with i-TTL flash control introduces amazing new features, enhancing TTL capabilities and adding wireless technology for multiple-flash photos.

Push, Capture, Repeat: Super-fast Time Lag -- Instant on and a mere 37ms Shutter Time Lag. Ready to shoot's the fastest SLR.

Color Your World -- Special Imaging and Color Engine. For faster image processing with more accurate color.

Make it a Wireless SLR -- Wireless Transmission with 802.11b Technology. Hook up the WT-1 accessory to instantly transmit images to your LAN computer access point using 802.11b technology.

Capture the "full power of NEF" -- plus revolutionary image control with digital DEE(TM), image dust-off and fisheye-transform technologies.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 8.45
List Price | $3500.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Nic Coury Photographer
Seaside | CA
Comments | [04/30/08] I love this camera. It's my workhorse along with a 17-55 for news assignments. I've found to overcome the "blue" problem, set WB for flash mode, even without a flash and it works great. I shoot weddings with it (for now) and it works fantastic in RAW files to make 8x10's with. I almost want to get a second body...
Rating | 7

Brandon VandeCaveye Photographer
Chatham | Ontar | Canada
Comments | [07/24/05] I like thise camera. I have a d70 aswell as a backup & when I need a larger file. The D2H has amazing colours and focus is fast and accurate. Not to many bad images even when turning and focusiing blind at the next moto X rider coming over the jump. Noise is super bad at anything over 1600, I can live with the 1600 iso since I shoot only raws and ps's noise reduction is pretty good. White balance is accurate and the camera feels nice in hands. Over all I think this camera well worth the money. Just can't wait to get my hands on the D2x
Rating | 9

Andrew Sullivan Photographer
Kissimmee | FL | USA
Comments | [06/28/05] This is a good camera. For what it offerred me, upgrading from an F5, this camera was a good step into digital. This camera's framerate, battery life and relative ease of use all rate as superlative.The bad does weigh heavily on this camera though... at only 4.1mp the sensor is crude even compared to the Canon models it was meant to compete with. Noise will make post-processing a real chore if you shoot anything in low light (concerts, HS sports, etc.). The camera's LCD screen also leaves much to be desired, making up for poor brightness and color rendition with size. My final gripe is the price. When I purchased the D2H it rang in for $3100. Perhaps if I had bought in at today's $1999 I might be a little more lenient but, ouch! Its tough to take a hit of $1000 when it comes out o your own pocket. I am still using my D2H, I have made some great images with it, but I am eagerly anticipating the purchase of the D2X...
Rating | 8

Joseph Mugno Student/Intern
Rockville Centre | NY | United States
Comments | [04/08/05] I thought this was going to be one of those great Nikon advances in digital technology. Instead, I thought it was a poor excuse for the successor of the beloved D1H by sports photographers everywhere. The noise level is unacceptable for what Canon was competing with. This was the final straw that pushed me to Canon, along with the insight and advice from both Nikon and Canon users across America. Was not impressed by this, and the new Nikon D2X with its cropping mode, I think, is just a big mistake. Best feature of the D2H...the battery.
Rating | 7

Kristian Dowling Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | Australia
Comments | [10/25/04] Put simply, an awesome camera. Compared to the 1D, it is a much better camera, ergonomically and functionally. Noise is a but of an issue as most people admit, but a very competeent camera and a viable upgrade from the old F5 format.
Rating | 9

G.J. McCarthy Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA
Comments | [10/12/04] So what do you do when your day off is in the middle of the week; it's cold and rainy outside; and your wife just started a new job? Well, you listen to The White Stripes "De Stijl", sip coffee and write Equipment Profiles (hey, it's this or clean the oven ... which would you choose?). And away we go!! ............ I've been using the D2H for about one month know. I came from a Canon background, but the paper I'm at is all-Nikon, so it's this or nothing. Anyway, it seems like the D2H was Nikon's answer to the Canon 1D, so here's how they stack up to me: I'm a big fan of the D2H's body shape, size and weight. Maybe I'm the only one, but I was starting to hate how heavy dSLRs were getting. Granted, I like the feel of a sturdy body, but I shouldn't feel like my back or shoulder could go out with a wrong move. Moving on, the buttons all feel pretty well distributed, though the vertical grip AF-ON button is hard to get to, as are the aperture and shutter speed wheels. Still, this vertical grip is far more comfortable in my feminine hands than the 1D's. AF-wise, the camera is lightning fast, esp. with AF-S lenses. I've not had a chance to play with the various AF settings, as I find the single point setting more than adequate. WHITE BALANCE: Custom balancing off a gray card or dialing in the K temperature seems to be the way to go; anything else has too much yellow for my tastes. Cloudy outside usually looks pretty good, unless, of course, it's *actually* cloudy outside, in which case you'll spend about six minutes in Selective Color trying to suck out the yellow while retaining warmth. Oy vay ... last but not least, exposure. I use manual for everything, spot metering all the way, but my biggest, "baddest" beef with this camera is that one cannot underexpose AT ALL ... regardless of the ISO. That's big trouble if you're a fan of shooting into the sun, as am I, because you'll end up blowing your highlights to get a useable image. Anything else renders the shadows a venerable wash of color aliasing and blotchy mess ... it's sad, really. And this is all outdoors at ISO 200, from my experience so far. Oy vay indeed. So to sum it up, this camera gets a 6 out of 10 from me. Most everything about the D2H is great -- AF, white balance and colors (when they're set right), feel, file size, etc.; but the underexposing thing is such a big deal, in my mind, that it's almost a travesty for a "professional" dSLR. Also, the inability to shoot above ISO 1000 (unless you seriously overexpose) is also a flaw, considering that the 1D, though not perfect, could still produce useable results (for newsprint) up to ISO 1600.
Rating | 6

Darren Thomas Photographer
Orlando | FL | USA
Comments | [08/31/04] I got my D2H fourth of July weekend and I slept with it all weekend.. call me crazy but this is like the F5 model for 2004. the camera is great.....
Rating | 10

Jan Langsner Photographer
Lloydminster | AB | Canada
Comments | [08/03/04] I've this camera since December. My first impressions were it was just like the F5. Now, after considerable use I still think that way. Everything from the fps to the great colours to the film gain like noise is top notch in my book.
Rating | 9

Patrick J. Smith Photographer / Student/Intern
San Jaun Capistrano | CA | USA
Comments | [06/18/04] Like so many here I switched to Canon, but after using this baby I'm back. It's not a Mark II but it sure is a much better camera then the Canon 1D. The autofocus is screaming fast and the extra large LCD is awesome. Great sports camera!
Rating | 10

Shaun Stewart Photographer / Student/Intern
Austin | TX | USA
Comments | [03/23/04] Wow, what a camera. After 5 days and 7,000 images, I can safely say I love this camera. The colors and overall image quality is great, even at ISO 1600. The menus are easy to navigate, everything is laid out where I would expect it to be. I feel so much more comfortable with this camera than the D1h/x.
Rating | 10

Frode Johansen Photographer
Honefoss | Norwa | Norway
Comments | [03/22/04] I have been using the D2H for about two months now. And I am very happy with the fact that Nikon finaly made a flash system that works almost as good as on the N90S and F5. The speed is great and I like the most of the different buttons and stuff. But the brand new CCD they have made is crap. The level of noise above 400 iso is not good at all. And it does not go down to 100 iso, and that together with redusing the top speed to 1/8000 sec and dropping flash sync to 1/250 sec. Many times when I work out in sunlight wanting really narrow dept of field I can´t get it because of this. All in all the camera works fine, but the noise level and the Iso w Speed reductions makes it a bit of a drag for me to work with. Many times in these situations I just bring my old D1H that get´s the job done. And that is just not right.
Rating | 7

Chris Lekhavanija Photographer / Photo Editor
Silver Spring | MD | USA
Comments | [02/25/04] Great camera. I have both D1x and D2H, I'm more and more comfortable using the 2H. I like the feel, control, fast shutter lag, speed and also the NEF file size is just right for me, shooting D2H in NEF compressed didn't slow my work flow at all. Noise was an issue at first, but after use the camera for a while, no more now. Flash photography when combine with SB800 is much improved compare to D1X + SB80DX. Very reliable and predictable. Perfect camera for my job.
Rating | 10

Matt Brown Photographer
Fullerton | CA | USA
Comments | [02/20/04] The D2H is a mess! I have sent back two in just under three months. The CCD and the shutter blow up and the second camera was making very thing green. Nikon made the best camera in 1996, the F5 and the biggest bust seven years later, the D2H.
Rating | 1

Robert Stanton Photographer
Palo Alto | CA | United States
Comments | [01/25/04] Had mine a month now--love the 8 fps/40, super easy to adjust settings, quick sure focusing, and color coming out of the camera. Weight is great--took it to Costa Rica with a 12-24mm and it also worked as a great travel camera--oh, didn't need the charger (although I carried it) as I couldn't drain the main and get to the extra battery no matter how much I tried, unreal---wish my Ipod would last half as long! If it had 8 megs I'd be a happier camper--but have to admit it's 4 megs are very good ones. Just got the SB-800 and it seems to work great once you get the hang of it--you SHOULD read the manuel. Wireless doesn't appear idoit proof unless you happen to be a network admin at NASA. Overall, I love this thing!!
Rating | 9

Ryan Van Scotter Photographer
Laguna Beach | CA | United States
Comments | [01/13/04] I've only had my D2h for a couple of months but so far I love it. Sure more pixels would be great, but I'll take the speed. The ergonomics of this camera are the best to date, it's easy to navigate and simple to use. The LBCAST sensors seems to hold up to the claims but I haven't had the chance to shoot high ISO settings in low light to really test it out. And as for the battery, It's incredible. I shot for 4 hours in 15 degree temps and it didn't even drop a bar. Wow, Thanks Nikon...
Rating | 9

Robert Caplin Photographer / Student/Intern
Athens | OH | USA
Comments | [01/12/04] Very nice camera. After 3 weeks of use, I love it. It's much lighter than the prior Nikon digitals, and the battery is absolutely AMAZING! I would buy the camera just for that. This week, I decided to see how long the battery actually would's been 4 days, I've shot over 1200 frames, chimped like it's my job (for the experiment of course), and i still have 20% of the battery left. FPS is amazing...the screen is huge...and it has lots of menu controls. Very nice camera! Only negatives...the fact that i cant flash sync at 1/500 like the D1 series (now 1/250) and the screen guard is very flimsy, and doesn't seal the screen...meaning when you breathe and fog it up, the fog is under the cover, so you can't wipe it w/o taking it off... Feel free to email me off my member page if you have any more questions!
Rating | 9

David Wagner Photographer
Lenoir | NC | USA
Comments | [01/12/04] I just got mine and after 500 images I am extremely satisfied. This camera produces the best images in digital yet. I have owned and shot the EOS1D, D1X, and D1 and none of them compare to this.
Rating | 10

Travis Bartoshek Student/Intern / Photographer
Huntsville | TX | USA
Comments | [01/04/04] 8 Frames is great, but is the camera all it has been hyped up to be? Is the wireless transmitter Secure? Does the SB-800 do all it is said to? I've only Had the camera for a few weeks so I still am working the bugs out, but from what i have seen so far i like it.
Rating | 10

Ian Elliott Photographer
Junction City | OR | USA
Comments | [12/10/03] Excellent camera. Still putting it through its paces. The battery is outstanding! Take time to get your White Balance set, and it falls into place from there. Light body (compared to my F5), I will be happy with this camera I can tell. The body has a very good feel to it. Monitor is bright (maybe too bright), but it can be turned down. My initial settings are: exposure comp +0.7, no in-camera sharpening, and no Tone comp. Use the Pre-Set for your custom WB settings. The AF is rapid on my AF-S glass, much faster than my F5. A very nice camera. need another one now.....
Rating | 9

Delane Rouse Photographer / Photo Editor
Philadelphia | PA | US
Comments | [12/10/03] This is the camera professionals have been waiting for; 8 FPS, real-time AF, a battery that gives you 3000+ shots, and virtually no shutter lag! I'll take as many of these as I can get.
Rating | 10

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