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Canon - EF 85mm f1.2L USM
Quick Overview |
With a large maximum aperture of f/1.2, this is the fastest 85mm telephoto lens in its class. One aspherical lens element and two high-refraction elements give sharp images with little flare even at maximum aperture. The floating system corrects coma for high image quality.

* Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 85mm 1:1.2
* Lens Construction: 8 elements in 7 groups
* Diagonal Angle of View: 28ยบ 30'
* Focus Adjustment: Front group linear extension system with USM
* Closest Focusing Distance: 0.95m / 3.1 ft.
* Filter Size: 72mm
* Max. Diameter x Length, Weight: 3.6" x 3.3", 2.3 lbs. / 91.5 x 84.0mm, 1,025g

SportsShooter Member Rating | 8.75
List Price | $2800.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Ron Scheffler Photographer
Hamilton (Toronto area) | Ontar | Canada
Comments | [08/15/05] Got this lens in March '05 after about a decade of lusting for it. Sure, it's a specialized lens, but it allows for some hand held available light photography that would otherwise be nearly impossible with slower f/2.8 lenses (imagine that - 2.8 lenses being too slow). Working between f/1.2 and f/2 opens up a world of possibilites that aren't available with the standard 70-200 2.8 zooms. First of all, the 85 is hands down sharper than the 70-200 at such wide aperture settins. It can be really sharp at f/1.2, but it is unforgiving of sloppy technique. You have to be very careful of the plane of focus. Any movement by you or the subject can result in a shift of that plane of focus and therefore a soft image. To compensate, I find I overshoot whenever I use this lens as invariably a fair percentage of images are misfocused - particularly true when working hand held with live subject matter. Compared to modern USM lenses (this one is quite an old design), its AF is rather slow, as has been noted. Due to some of these factors, I find I spend more time eye-balling the focus to make sure it is OK, and often focusing manually with the aid of a microprism focusing screen for my 1DII. Interestingly, the hefty mass of this lens somewhat makes up for not having IS, allowing for good results at slow shutter speeds if your technique is reasonable. In this respect, I find I can get great results at 1/15-1/30 second but struggle to get good results at 1/30 sec. with the lighter feeling 135 f/2 lens. Optically I can't complain. It's a 10. I'm sure it's a low production item for Canon, but I'd love to see a redesigned version with internal focusing and faster, more responsive AF. If that would be possible, it would be an ultimate low light sports lens. As it stands, I have to deduct a point for the slow AF. It can work for sports, but the hit/miss percentage is not as good as one would want it to be.
Rating | 9

Nick Goodenough Photographer / Student/Intern
Ventura | CA | usa
Comments | [01/01/05] I really love this lens... using it on a EOS3 is something like no other... the side finger grips just fit so perfect to your hand on the EOS3... this lens is very specialized though and expensive... very heavy... slow, slow, slow, autofocus... and because it has to work so hard to move that glass I noticed it does drain the battery more... but after you get past all that, this lens really creates some images that no other lens can... I would never sell mine...
Rating | 6

Dustin McIntosh Photographer
New Philadelphia | OH | USA
Comments | [12/03/04] I too purchased one of these incredible lenses primarily for weddings. It also does well for indoor sports. In Ohio, OHSAA will not allow flash photography in volleyball. works well...A must have in your collection of lenses.
Rating | 10

Michael Hickey Photographer
Kokomo | IN | USA
Comments | [11/19/04] Just picked up one of these, mainly for weddings, and I'm literally blown away by it. Even though it's heavy and slow (although on my Mk II it's fine) by most people's judgement this is among the finest pieces of glass I've ever used. Highly recommended.
Rating | 10

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