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Canon - EOS-1D Mark II Digital
Quick Overview |
Higher performance and convenience borne of advanced technology and responsiveness to the request of professionals.

The reborn EOS-1D achieves 8.2 effective megapixel resolution even at a continuous shooting speed of 8.5 frames per second. This extraordinary feat is more than evolution, it's a revolution in digital camera performance. Versatility, operational ease and all aspects of camera design have been meticulously refined to give professionals a genuine edge at decisive moments.

* Large CMOS Sensor (approximately 8.2 million effective pixels):
Canon's new CMOS sensor with high-speed 8-channel reading technology delivers exceptional image quality with low noise and an extremely high S/N ratio. Its large 28.7 x 19.1mm size realizes an effective angle of view that's just 1.3 times the focal length indicated on Canon EF lenses.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.16
List Price | $4495.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Maxwell Yedor Photographer / Student/Intern
Oxnard | CA | USA
Comments | [04/07/06] This is a fine peice of gear. I picked one up as an upgrade from the 2OD on the basis that it was weather sealed and shot a little bit faster. Wow was I surprised by the results. There is definitly a reason to by a pro body instead of a prosumer rig. Everything just feels better, no flex in the vertical grip, batteries that don't quit, larger buffer, even the high ISO noise is better. Having ISO adjustments in 1/3 stops is great, as is having the ability to shoot at ISO 50. The larger sensor is both a blessing and a curse, my 16-35 is a wide angle lens again and fisheye lenses look "fished", but my 70-200 is now just a smidgen short for basketball. The 45 point AF is extreemly nice, it is possible to put an AF point anywhere you may need one wich cuts down on my out of focus shots quite substantialy. The true spot meater is a nice tool as well. I have not had the back focus issues others have mentioned. Now for the downsides, the menu is harder to use than the 20D, and the file numbering system is weird. When it rolls over to the next 1000 file folder I don't like having to click OK, because of these minor issues I would like to give it a 9.5 but the ratings are whole numbers only.
Rating | 9

Pablo Galvez Photographer
Calgary | AB | CANADA
Comments | [12/30/05] There has been a lot of controversy over this camera. In general, this is an amazing piece of technology that any photographer should be proud to use. I do feel the focus could be improved and do find myself missing "key" shots due to the mystery focus issues this camera has. My old 1D had a better percentage of apparently sharper and more in-focus photos. However, the benefits far outweigh the problems with this camera so my 1D rarely sees use now. The largest benefit of this camera over previous models is the beautiful files at higher ISO. If you shoot indoors or at night, this is a huge reason to go with the 1DmkII. The colours also seem to be "nicer" with better reproduction and range. All-in-all, a wonderful camera with a real pain-in-the-butt focus problem.
Rating | 9

Randy Janoski Photographer
Washington DC & Nashville | TN | USA
Comments | [12/18/05] I can say many things about my MK II bodies but the most important thing (from what has been discussed in the posts over the last 4-6 months) is that mine are all razor sharp in focusing. All I can assume is that there was indeed a batch that must have had some issues. I just haven't have any problems with any of mine. I've looked and played with the newer "n" and while it has a couple of nice'etys, for me it really has no major improvements.
Rating | 8

David Harpe Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA
Comments | [12/16/05] After a year with two of these in daily use, I'm very pleased. Haven't had the sharpness issues that Thomas and others have seen. Autofocus seems to want a little more light than my Nikon kit, but once it locks up it is sharp. Built like a tank.
Rating | 9

Robert G. Stevens Photographer
Halifax | NS | Canada
Comments | [11/21/05] I think I am almost with Thomas here on this one. After the wow factor or having better low light capability and larger files, the Mark II really isn't the big leap that the 1D was from the D2000. I don't know if the Mark II is a bit softer than the 1D or that it is just loosing some of the fine detail. I think Canon has to back off on the noise reduction or the anti alias filter and give us back some of our original 1D sharpness.
Rating | 8

Thomas E. Witte Photographer
Cincinnati | OH | USA
Comments | [11/07/05] Total f***ing turd. I seriously will never know why people love this camera so much. About 90% of my shots were never in focus, and when I say "not in focus" I actually mean there was never a PLAIN OF FOCUS in 90% of the photos. Was it my lens? Nope. Shots with my 14, 20, 24, 50, 85, 100, 70-200, 300, 400 and 600 were all "soft". Even at f/22 under studio lights. I'd point this out to people on their cameras and it was an eye opening experience for many of them. Look at the player running at you... Are the threads on his uniform TACK sharp? Typically no. Typically there is a slight glow about them. Well, then look at the grass immediately under the player where it should be tack sharp. Chances are it's got a glow too. The camera just isn't sharp. I went through 4 bodies in 2005. I sent all of them back to canon three times each for adjustments.... Not a single damn time were any of the cameras as sharp as the 1D with it's CCD. 12 trips to CPS via FedEx: $223.80. Yea, no thanks, I sold them all and went back to my 5 1D's. Color quality is amazing in it though. I totally loved the saturation and look of the images but they don't do me any good when they look like you shot the photo with vasaline on the lens.
Rating | 6

Oscar Sosa Photographer
Jacksonville | FL | USA
Comments | [11/04/05] Great camera. Feels good, produces great files, respnds fast. AF is superb. The controls are accessable and easy to work. Batteries last for several days of shooting without recharging. Tough and water-resistant. Can't say enough good things about this camera.
Rating | 10

Wade Laube Photographer
Sydney | NSW | Australia
Comments | [11/03/05] The BMW of digital bodies. Awesome improvement in noise. My first shoot on one of these was a football match at 1600 ISO. The Mark II produced less noise than my mark I's would at 400 ISO. Colour accuracy, exposure latitude, contrast and speed make this camera a highly advisible upgrade from the original.
Rating | 10

Joseph Mugno Student/Intern
Rockville Centre | NY | United States
Comments | [04/08/05] One of my favorite bodies in the world of D-SLRs. This is the fifth type of pro body I have owned and it is one of my favorite. Between all of it's options, and longer lasting battery consumption, I have had nothing but wonderful results with it. I loved it so much I bought a second one days after.
Rating | 10

Micah Miller Photographer / Photo Editor
Murfreesboro | TN | USA
Comments | [01/09/05] All I can say is WOW!. My first encounter with the Mark II came in August. I had been working with the Daily News Journal for nine months and used a 10D the entire time. Then I had knee surgery so i was out of comision for five weeks, and came back with the Mark II waiting. First assignment was a high school football game and after a 20 frame sequence of the out of focus sky, I realized this was not a normal camera. Great Job Canon!
Rating | 10

Neil Turner Photographer
London | UK | United Kingdom
Comments | [01/06/05] This camera undoubtedly represents an upgrade from the original EOS1D. It produces very different files which don't have the immediate "punch" of it's predecessors. Once you learn how to handle shooting with the Mark II and start to appreciate the improvements it quickly becomes a case of "no going back". The vastly improved battery life, the bigger CF card door latch, FAT 32 compatibility, better E-TTL performance and those huge files all add up to the best package for my kind of work currrently available. I'd like to see a slightly less aggressive AA filter on the next one, but apart from that I'll let Canon decide what else I need.
Rating | 9

Kevin M. Cox Photographer / Assistant
Round Rock (Austin) | TX | US
Comments | [11/09/04] Wow ... and I thought the original 1D was a great camera ... the Mark II is awesome! The files are cleaner, it has better high ISO performance (I don't think twice about going to 3200), the LCD is much better (plus you can zoom), and it feels more responsive. Not to mention the great battery life from the same NP-E3. The SD card slot as well as several new Personal Functions are all nice additions. (BTW: you can use PS CS to convert RAW files you just need the free plug-in upgrade.) My only complaint about the Mark II is that it makes me really not want to use my original 1D if I don't have to. =) You won't regret this purchase.
Rating | 9

Jason Nix Photographer
Bowling Green | KY | United States
Comments | [10/19/04] Next best thing, the 1D was great, but the Mark2 is even better. The new raw format, (.CR2) doesn't convert in Photoshop CS, and you have to use the Canon Digital Photo Pro. software to convert it, that's the only bad thing. Other than that, wonderful camera.
Rating | 10

Neil Brake Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA
Comments | [08/26/04] The ultimate camera. The TTL is one million times better than the 1D. I use this camera for my main body now. Shooting in the lower jpeg settings unless I need the bigger files. Very pleased with the camera and the results. Been using for about 3 months now. When Canon says it is a reborn 1D they are not kidding.
Rating | 10

Clark Brooks Photographer / Photo Editor
Urbana | IL | USA
Comments | [08/07/04] Canon screwed up! I shot a triathlon this morning for 3 hours and a criterium that lasted 6 hours in afternoon - 1400 exposures later and the battery indicator still reads at full charge on the camera - and I'm a heavy chimper. Canon won't be selling as many extra batteries with this puppy and you won't need them. The files are absolutely beautiful. Is it film or is it digital? Even your most knowledgable client will not be able to tell. The file quality makes the camera worth every penny and then some. I can't see how or phantom that Canon outdoing this sensor. I wish getting to the format command was a little easier. It takes two buttons pushes too many. But I do like having control over the jpeg save quality built in the camera. The jpeg compression is superior than in any other Canon digital body. Like the 1D, 10D, and D2000 you do need to gaf tape the eye piece. Lost and found it (luckily) within an hour its' first assignment. Like others I wish the standard flash sync speed was still 1/500th and on the 1DM3 I hope, pray Canon will add an exposure shift button like the WB and the focus shift button. It would be cool as heck to have the ability to shift exposure at the push of a button to under or over expose when needed.
Rating | 9

Jack Arent Student/Intern / Photographer
Hayward | CA
Comments | [08/01/04] It's got a "squishy" shutter, I can't stand that... The resistance the shutter gives at the point of AF activation and before taking the photo has less resistance compared to the original 1D. Personally, when I can afford another body I rather buy a (hopefully long lasting) used 1D, or wait for the next body to come out. The reformatted CF door release dohicky with the little bump for easy opening bugs, I wish they didn't change that as well, it's annoying not having a flat surface for your thumb to rest on when shooting vertical, minor gripe... Guess I love my 1D too much.
Rating | 8

Michael Hickey Photographer
Muncie | IN | USA
Comments | [07/14/04] A luxury ride. A photographer's dream camera...almost but it's as close as humanly possible I wish the CMOS would allow 1/500th flash sync, jpgs are a tad soft, RAWS are beautiful however, the flash works wonderfully. Just like the 1D it "feels" like a camera should unlike the DCS cameras used to feel. DPP software is 1000% better than previous software attempts by Canon and literally blows ACR away. This is the first camera of the next digial revolution, a true and untouched marvel! With it's minor flaws I almost want to give it a 9 rating but the positives out-wiegh them by a landslide so I have to give it it's props!
Rating | 10

Jeff Lewis Photographer
Long Beach | CA | USA
Comments | [07/13/04] This camera is AMAZING! Its twice as great as the great 1D was The pictures look twice as amazing. It is as close to a perfect camera as you can get right now. I would give it twice the 10 that I gave a 1D but since I can only give it a 10, it gets a 10
Rating | 10

Stephen Voss Photographer
Portland | OR | USA
Comments | [07/06/04] Can't figure out why this camera has somehow not received any ratings yet. Anyhow, I'm coming from a 10D, and this is a remarkable step-up. The camera is fast in just about every day and is ready to shoot when I want it to - no more waiting for the 10D to hunt in dim light for focus. Furthermore, the noise at higher ISOs is so low that I'm comfortable shooting at 1600 and above and I think its noise compares favorably to any other digital SLR out there. Lastly, the image quality and dynamic range of this camera is outstanding. I think 8 megapixels w/ this sensor size really makes sense and provides shots that far surpass 35mm film. To my eye, the prints from it look as good as those from a 6x6. Despite digital technology improving so rapidly, this is truly a camera that one could comfortably use for a few years without it feeling outdated.
Rating | 10

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