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Home Is Everything: The Latino Baseball Story
Title | Home Is Everything: The Latino Baseball Story
Author | Jose Luis Villegas (Photographer) & Marcos Breton
Type | Book
Rating | n/a
Notes | Published in April, 2003.

Baseball has undergone a revolution, a salsa revolution. Latinos not only play on every team, but they play in starring roles on most teams: Miguel Tejada, Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, Nomar Garciaparra and so many others. And in the 2002 World Series: Benito Santiago of the Giants, Francisco Rodriguez of the Angels and their compatriots. Baseball fans know these names! And they have great memories of Minnie Minoso, Roberto Clemente, Willie Hernandez, Juan Marichal, Tony Perez, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda and the other immortals who brought the ambiente of Latin America to U.S. baseball.

With beautiful four-color photographs and bilingual text, HOME IS EVERYTHING documents the Latino baseball revolution in four different sections: "Baseball Is in Our Blood" which portrays the dirt-poor barrios where these young men grow up playing ball; "The Journey to the Major Leagues" reveals the hardships and homesickness the Latinos endure in small town "English only" America; "The Forgotten Ones" is about the players who didn’t have the skills to make it or suffered from simple bad luck; and "Immortals and Heroes" contains portraits of the pioneers and current heroes of Latino baseball. The first two sections feature the Oakland Athletics’ Miguel Tejada (American League’s 2002 MVP) as the Everyman of Latino baseball, following his career from the Dominican Republic through the minors leagues to the Major Leagues.

This is a book for the young dreamer, the stats freak and the historian, baseball fans and photography enthusiasts, the Spanish reader and the English reader. It will cut across cultural barriers to appeal to all people who are interested in the stars of major league baseball.

About the Authors:

JOSÉ LUIS VILLEGAS is a graduate of the University of San Francisco. He has been a staff photographer with The Sacramento Bee since February of 1992. Before coming to the Bee, he spent six years as a staff photographer with the San José Mercury News. He has also worked at the Los Angeles Daily News, Arizona Daily Star, and Community Edition of the Orange County Register. In 1999, José was a contributing photographer in the Edward James Olmos project AMERICANOS. His photographs are part of the AMERICANOS traveling exhibition. He lives in Sacramento.

MARCOS BRETÓN is a columnist with the Sacramento Bee. Bretón collaborated with Chicago Cubs star Sammy Sosa on SOSA: An Autobiography (Warner Books, 2000). Bretón was the only West Coast writer to contribute an essay for the SUBWAY SERIES READER (Simon & Schuster, 2000). A book of essays on the 2000 World Series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets, the SUBWAY SERIES READER included work by David Halberstam, Frank McCourt and George Will. Bretón is a past winner of the Guillermo Martinez-Marquez Award, given by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. He lives in Sacramento with his wife Jeannie Wong.

IN 1996, Marcos Bretón and José Luis Villegas were awarded the Alicia Patterson Fellowship to work on a project on Latin Baseball. The project was published as Away Games by Simon & Schuster in 1999. The seed for Home is Everything was in this initial project.
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