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Curtis Clegg   [save as a favorite?]
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Image © 2010, Curtis Clegg || Kelsey Zukowski and Ron Fitzgerald in "Afraid of Sunrise"
|| General Information: || Portfolio:
Curtis Clegg: Reporter / Photographer: The MidWeek
Address: Sycamore, IL 60178, USA
Phone: 703-887-0410 (cell)
Curtis Clegg's Message: Here are some scary, and not so scary, photos from movie sets and some fun photo shoots to get you in the mood for Halloween.

I got into movie stills photography almost as a fluke in January 2010. I was browsing some ads on CraigsList in December 2009 for photography gigs when I stumbled upon an ad a movie producer placed looking for a set designer for an upcoming movie in nearby Elgin, Illinois. What really caught my attention was that the producer mentioned in the ad that they were using RED cameras for their production, which really piqued my interest. I e-mailed him and ended up getting a job as a still photographer, and from that point on I was hooked on movie stills photography.

Before Tony Wash's "A Chance in Hell" I had never set foot on a movie set. I had never worked on a television set or theater production, and had no idea what to expect. What really got me hooked on movies was what happened behind the scenes: The camaraderie, the collective energy and creativity, the ingenuity (mainly in solving unforeseen problems on the fly), the dedication of the cast and crew, the lighting, the costumes, the makeup... all the disparate elements that go into movie-making fascinated me.

Movie stills photography can be quite challenging, which is another thing I like about it. Fortunately, all the things we learn as photojournalists and sports photographers apply equally well to movie stills photography: Using the right equipment at right time, being discrete and respectful, knowing how to deal with people in difficult situations, being able to photograph in uncooperative weather and other harsh conditions, and being able to cope with long days filled with long periods of down time.

In most recent movie I worked on, "HIgh on the HOg", I go to work with Tony Wash once again, as well as with some fairly well-known actors like Joe Estevez, Sid Haig, and Robert Z'Dar. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie!

Check out my movie stills website (still a work in progress) below.

I am also a reporter/photographer for the MidWeek in DeKalb, Illinois. The MidWeek is a weekly publication that I have been reading since it was first published in 1979.
Last Update: 1665 days ago
Member Since: 3.27.2006

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The images below are from the portfolio of Curtis Clegg. They are presented here for your viewing pleasure. These images may not be used elsewhere and are protected by copyright. To see these images, click on the icon and you will see a much larger image.
1 "Afraid of Sunrise"
Kelsey Zukowski and Ron Fitzgerald in "Afraid of Sunrise"
2 "Acceptance"
Heather Dorff in "Acceptance"
3 "Afraid of Sunrise"
Ron Fitzgerald and Kelsey Zukowski in "Afraid of Sunrise"
4 "A Chance in Hell"
A scene from the zombie movie "A Chance in Hell."
5 "A Chance in Hell"
Brad Fowler and a zombie in "A Chance in Hell"
6 ""Rooted""
A scene in the woods from "Rooted"
7 "Souls of Mischief"
Will Cummings in "Souls of Mischief"
8 "The Storm"
A poster photo for the upcoming movie "The Storm"
9 "Zombie shoot"
A fun zombie photo shoot with Amber Paulsen
10 "Zombie shoot"
A fun zombie photo shoot with Allison Castillo

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