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|| The Winners
News [ January, 2020 ]
The clip contest is judged by members. The following images are the winners for the month of January, 2020.

January, 2020 [ recent winners ] << previous next >>
Second Place: "School Bus Accident"
Sascha Fromm/Thueringer Allgemeine | A school bus lays in the grass while Firefighters works at the accident site where it slipped off the icy road in Berka vor dem Hainich, on January 23, 2020. Two eight years old children were killed and five more seriously injured when the school bus slipped off an icy road into a ditch. Local police said the bus had been carrying 22 children to their primary school when the accident happened near the town of Eisenach in the state of Thuringia. Copyright: Sascha Fromm / Thueringer Allgemeine

|| January, 2020
The "Shooter's Choice" Award,
Winner "Cheer" , Andrew Nelles

Sports Action
First Place "I Got It", Rhona Wise
Second Place "Justin Anderson Dunk", Brad Penner
Third Place "Double Crash", Sascha Fromm

Sports Feature
First Place "C'mon Man!", Matthew Hinton
Second Place "Foggy Race", Sascha Fromm
Third Place "Win", Andrew Nelles

First Place "Quadrantids", Sascha Fromm
Second Place "Disconnected", Rhona Wise
Third Place "Deer squabble", Jenn March

First Place "Farmer Protest", Sascha Fromm
Second Place "School Bus Accident", Sascha Fromm
Third Place "Five for 5th Ward Weebie", Matthew Hinton
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