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|| The Winners
News [ December, 2019 ]
The clip contest is judged by members. The following images are the winners for the month of December, 2019.

December, 2019 [ recent winners ] << previous next >>
First Place: "Fatal Fire"
Sascha Fromm/Thueringer Allgemeine | A firefighter works at the scene of a big house fire in Erfurt, Germany on December 13, 2019. During the fire a father of four climbed onto the roof of the house. From there, the erescue team saved him via an fire ladder. A rescue helicopter later flew him to a special clinic with serious injuries were he died ten days later. According to initial estimates, the total damage is estimated at 500,000 euros. The criminal police is investigating the cause of the fire. Copyright: Sascha Fromm / Thueringer Allgemeine

|| December, 2019
The "Shooter's Choice" Award,
Winner "NICU Santa" , Sarah Miller

Sports Action
First Place "Dinwiddie Drives Against the Knicks", Brad Penner
Second Place "Tough Race", Sascha Fromm
Third Place "Tiger Jumping", Rhona Wise

Sports Feature
First Place "Touchdown", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "Burnout", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Shouting Shurmur", Brad Penner

First Place "Krampus Sighting", Matthew Hinton
Second Place "Love is in the Air", Matthew Hinton
Third Place "Sunset over Elxleben", Sascha Fromm

First Place "Fatal Fire", Sascha Fromm
Second Place "Bloomberg", Andrew Nelles
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