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Winning is fun.
The clip contest is open to all members. And the members are the judges too. Enter each month, vote each month and you just may be crowned " Photographer of the Year" at the end of the year.

The photographer with the most points at the end of the year will win the grand prize - a Canon EOS-1DX - the camera used by more professional sports photographers than any other.

|| Our Latest Winners

The "Shooter's Choice" Award, brought to you by Canon
This award showcases the most popular image of each month, according to member votes.

Winner (February, 2015)
"Color Run"
K.C. Alfred

Sports Action (February, 2015)
First Place
"Sand Landing"
Sascha Fromm, Thueringer Allgemeine
Second Place
Lars Baron, Getty Images
Third Place
"Modern Pentathlon"
Nick Adams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sports Feature (February, 2015)
First Place
"Red flares"
Lars Baron, Getty Images
Second Place
"Giant Outsider"
K.C. Alfred
Third Place
"State Basketball Champions"
Chris Detrick, The Salt Lake Tribune

Feature (February, 2015)
First Place
"Orange Sky"
Darryl Dyck, Freelance
Second Place
"Bridge Crossing"
Nick Adams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Third Place
"Soup for Two"
Paul W Gillespie, Capital Gazette/Baltimore Sun

News (February, 2015)
First Place
Andrew Craft, The Fayetteville Observer
Second Place
"Kayla Mueller vigil"
Michael Chow, The Arizona Republic
Third Place
"Garden District Fire"
Matthew Hinton
|| The 2015 Leaderboard: Votes
Place Name Pts. 1st 2nd 3rd
1 K.C. Alfred 100 9 8 4
2 Lars Baron 60 6 4 3
3 Sascha Fromm 60 5 3 3
4 Darryl Dyck 60 3 3 4
5 Nick Adams 50 6 2 0
6 Matthew Hinton 50 5 2 1
7 Corey Perrine 40 3 4 0
8 Andrew Craft 30 4 1 0
9 Steve Russell 30 2 1 0
10 Chris Detrick 20 3 2 0
11 Michael Chow 20 2 2 0
12 Cooper Neill 20 1 2 0
13 Paul W Gillespie 10 1 2 0
14 Scott Serio 10 1 1 0

|| Previous Month's Winners:

|| February (2015) Stats:
Total Members Who Entered: 31
Total Images Entered: 157
Sports Action: 55
Sports Feature: 53
Feature: 31
News: 18
Total Judges: 20

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